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Exclusive: Post-MusicIP, Stess Lifts Curtain on AmpliFIND...

Music recognition and intelligence firm MusicIP died last year, but its CEO is now pushing forward with a refreshed concept. According to details exclusively shared with Digital Music News over the weekend, former MusicIP chief Andrew Stess is now lifting the curtain on AmpliFIND Music Services, after purchasing a portfolio of technological assets. Since the late-2008 exit, Stess has been rallying funds and support to purchase the intellectual property carried by MusicIP, based on the belief that marketplace opportunities exist.

As a result, AmpliFIND is stepping onto the stage with more than 43 million songs in its global music metadata collection. The company is also managing roughly six million queries daily through its 'AmpliFind' music recognition product. The carryover also includes MusicIP clients Disney and Memorex (specifically tied to various MP3 players), and well as Applian Technologies and MusicBrainz. The company is also cooking other partners, and looking to grow its existing clientele. “We are looking forward to growing along with them,” commented Applian Technologies chief Bill Dettering. Throughout, collection recognition will remain a cornerstone of the service, designed for consumer electronics, music ecommerce, mobile, and other music- and media-related companies. “For our business, it is crucial to accurately identify the music in a consumer's collection,” Stess shared. “Once you can deliver that, all the other services fall logically into place.”

AmpliFIND is based in San Francisco. Prior to helming MusicIP, Stess pooled his expertise at Gracenote, Liquid Audio, and AMG.

Report by publisher Paul Resnikoff.